Hello and welcome to my ‘digital footprint’! This is dedicated to one of my passions, and that is ‘all things sweet’.

A little about me and my pastry journey…

I decided I wanted to become a pastry chef a few years ago and set out to start my apprenticeship in a french patisserie. Prior to this I completed the entry level pre-apprenticeship course at Tafe (to make me more employable), and completed work experience in one of the largest hotels in the state and also a small cake store close to home. As much fun as this was for me, this option was not quite right as the pay wasn’t enough to keep me afloat and my natural stubborn streak meant that I couldn’t handle the kitchen environment : ( So I found a place I loved to work in as a cake decorator and assistant baker. Here I made some amazing girlfriends (who will be my friends for life) and spent a year playing in the kitchen with all things sweet until the business was sold and relocated to far away for me to follow.

I am now working within the tourism/hospitality industry in the Human Resources department, studying through open universities my Bachelor of Arts, Internet Communications and continue to bake and experiment in my kitchen at home



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